The Eve Project is a Christian led organisation and was founded for the sole purpose of helping to shape and transform the lives of women and girls throughout the UK and the rest of the world. The Eve Project seeks to promote and facilitate innovative programmes that positively encourage positive self-worth; nurture leadership potential and bring about opportunities for women and girls to support one another through its online global community.


Pioneering Women & Girls, 'Blooming Where They Have Been Planted,' and living the life they have been destined for.

Our Mission

  1.  To address the mental and emotional needs of women and girls through the delivery of our empowerment programmes;

  2. To work with the local church in meeting the emotional health needs of girls and women within its community;

  3. To work with women and girls from all ethnic backgrounds who have the ability and aptitude to be positive leaders;

  4. To facilitate, nurture and encourage positive self-worth, self-care and self-motivation.


Our Vision

The Eve Project (TEP) is a Christian organisation with a vision to transform the lives of women and girls by helping to develop their leadership potential and live fulfilling destinies.

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